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It’s only when you have a critical mass of women in politics that you get women’s issues attacked.- Mary Robinson

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Organisational structure

Eminent Advisory Board

AWEPA is guided by the advice of the Eminent Advisory Board. This board meets annually to discuss AWEPA’s policies and programmes and to make suggestions for future priorities regarding developments in Africa. The board members are appointed for an indefinite period of time.

Partnership Council

The AWEPA Partnership Council is an organ consisting of members of the AWEPA Eminent Advisory Board, AWEPA’s main African Partners and the AWEPA Executive Committee. It is jointly chaired by the Chair of the Eminent Advisory Board, Ms. Graça Machel, and the President, Minister of State Ms. Miet Smet.

The Council aims to convene once a year to discuss issues of a strategic and visionary nature. This meeting brings together European and African stakeholders in a mutual exchange surrounding issues concerning all involved in the collective endeavour to improve human rights in Africa.

Governing Council

The highest political body within AWEPA is the Governing Council which comprises representatives from the AWEPA Sections in the national parliaments of Europe and the European Parliament.

Every five years, the Governing Council elects the President of the organisation and an Executive Committee, who are accountable to this Council.

The Governing Council operates as a general assembly for a five year term and meets at least once a year. The Council also decides on the overall policy of AWEPA and is chaired by the organisation’s President, Minister of State Ms. Miet Smet.

Executive Committee

AWEPA’s Executive Committee is the executive board of the organisation and aims to meet four times a year. It is elected by the Governing Council for a period of five years to prepare and execute the AWEPA’s policy. It is composed of the President and Vice-Presidents of AWEPA, as well as a number of observers from the organisation’s Sections in European parliaments.