Leopold Sedar Senghor

J’ai rêvé d’un monde de soleil dans la fraternité de mes frères aux yeux bleus. - Léopold Sédar Senghor


The AWEPA section in the Lithuanian parliament was established in 2000. In the current parliamentary term 2008-2012, we have sixteen parliamentarians representing a wide spectrum of political groups, including Conservatives, Liberals, Social Democrats and others. To view more details of these parties and lists, please click here.

Head of Section

Egidijus Vareikis

Hon. Egidijus Vareikis

The AWEPA Head of Section for Lithuania is chaired by Hon. Egidijus Vareikis who is a representative of the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats, the largest conservative group in the Parliament. The Deputy Chair is Hon. Danute Bekintiene. The Lithuanian Section aims to coordinate activities that take shape around African policies of Lithuania as well with African parliamentarians and civil society.

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