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Belgian Section

Belgian section of AWEPA © Guy Goossens

Head of Section

Alain DestexheMP Alain Destexhe

Hon. Alain Destexhe is Vice President of the AWEPA Section in Belgium and interim Head of Section. He is a liberal Belgian politician who served as senator from 1995 to 2011. He is a member of the liberal Reformist Movement and represents Belgium at the World Economic Forum.

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Head of Section

Sabine de Bethune

MP Sabine de Bethune

Hon. Sabine de Bethune was Head of Section until her nomination as President of the Belgian Senate. She was born in Kinshasa, DRC and was a lawyer by trade. She is currently President of the Belgian Senate and has been a CD&V senator in the Belgian Parliament since 1995. Ms Bethune has been engaged with AWEPA for several years now.

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