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Any policy, any society based on keeping people down will be a failure.- Prof. Albert Tevoedjre

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Interim Head of Section

Head of Finnish Section - Eila Tiainen

MP Eila Tiainen

Hon. Tiainen is deputy member of the Finnish group at the Inter-Parliamentary Union, deputy member of Finnish Delegation to the Nordic Council, and member of the Transport and Communications Committee in Parliament. Hon. Tianen is also in the Parliamentary group of the Left Alliance.

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Head of Section

Head of Finnish Section - Jani Toivola

MP Jani Toivola

Hon. Toivola was elected to the Parliament of Finland as a candidate of the Green League. He is a member of the Legal Affairs Committee and Employment and Equality Committee. He is also Chair of the Population and Development group in Parliament and Vice-Chair of the Human Rights group in Parliament.

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Deputy Head of Section

Elisabeth NauclérMP Elisabeth Nauclér

Hon. Nauclér is is a member of the Constitutional Law Committee, and the Employment and Equality Committee, both since 2011. She is also deputy member of the Finnish Delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and Chair of the Human Rights Group of the Parliament. She has been in the Swedish Parliamentary Group since 2007 for the Swedish People’s party, representing the constituency of Åland (an autonomous region of Finland).

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