We are the first generation which can end extreme poverty in our lifetime. But we cannot get there without parliamentarians.- Dr. Jim Yong Kim



Head of Section

Hon. Lia Quartapelle

Hon. Lia Quartapelle

Hon. Quartapelle has been a Member of the Italian Parliament and a member and secretary of the Foreign Affairs Committee since 2013. As a researcher at the Institute for International Policy Studies in Milan, she specialised in development economics, foreign aid, African economic development and Africa’s international position.

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Deputy Head of Section

Mr. Jean Leonard Touadi

Hon. Jean Leonard Touadi

Hon. Touadi is a former Member of the Italian Parliament and AWEPA member.

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Deputy Head of Section

Di Stefano Manlio

Hon. Manlio Di Stefano

Hon. Di Stefano is a member of the Chamber of Deputies and AWEPA.

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