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Rural development needs a policy which will enable the populations to understand and believe in the objectives set.- Prof. Albert Tevoedjre

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Promoting Fairtrade and fair public procurement with the Austrian AWEPA Section

17 March 2016

Hon. Bures kicks off the exhibition in the Austrian Parliament

Hon. Bures kicks off the exhibition in the Austrian Parliament

Vienna, Austria – The Austrian AWEPA Section organised a Fairtrade exhibition, in cooperation with NorthSouthDialogue of Parliaments, on 17 March 2016 in the Austrian Parliament.

The exhibition centred around the numerous projects and opportunities for commitment to socially fair public procurement at different levels of public administration in Austria and Europe, as well as advocating ways to actively promote fair trade, thus supporting individual farmers and workers in Africa, Asia and Latin America to live a safe and dignified life.

A speech by the President of the National Council of Austria, Hon. Doris Bures, kicked-off the exhibition. This was followed by presentations by Mr. Helmut Schüller, CEO of Fairtrade Austria, and Ms. Elisabeth Schinzel, Head of the Fair procurement programme at Südwind Agentur.