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The Austrian Section of AWEPA elects new leadership

25 March 2014

From left to right: Hon. Petra Bayr, Hon. Franz-Joseph Huainigg and Hon. Windbüchler-Souschill

From left to right: Hon. Petra Bayr, Hon. Franz-Joseph Huainigg and Hon. Windbüchler-Souschill.

Vienna, Austria –  At its Fifth General Assembly, held in Vienna on 25 March 2014, the Austrian Section elected a new leadership. The Head and two Deputy Heads of Section were unanimously elected. Hon. Petra Bayr remains Head of the Section, while Hon. Franz-Joseph Huainigg and Hon. Tanja Windbüchler-Souschill become the two new Deputy Heads of Section.  Hon. Franz-Joseph Huainigg is a Member of Parliament since 2002 as a Member of the Austrian People’s Party.

Hon. Windbüchler-Souschill follows Judith Schwentner as the new Governing Council member. Affiliated to the Green Party in Austria, Hon. Windbüchler-Souschill has been in Parliament since 2008 and is a Member, among others, of the Committee on Foreign Policy at the Austrian Parliament. Mr. Franz Glaser has been replaced as Senior Parliamentary Advisor for AWEPA’s Development Effectiveness Programme by Hon. Claudia Durchschlag.

The Assembly also provided an opportunity to look back at the activities held during 2013 and to discuss possible topics and initiatives in 2014.