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AWEPA delegation meets with the Somali Women Parliamentarian’s Association

December 19, 2014

Meeting between AWEPA delegation and SOWPA.

Meeting between AWEPA delegation and SOWPA.

Mogadishu, Somalia – An AWEPA delegation, consisting of Dr. Jan Nico Scholten, Political Coordinator for the AWEPA Somalia Programme, Mr.Chris Kaija, Programme Coordinator, Ms. Shukri Abdulkadir, Support Assistant, joined by AWEPA consultants based in Mogadishu Mr. Liban Abdulle and Ms. Farhia Mumin, met with the Somali Women Parliamentarian’s Association (SOWPA), on 8 December 2014.

The main topics of discussion were the recently launched AWEPA Programme for Somali women MPs 2015-2016 and the possibilities to intensify the SOWPA/AWEPA cooperation.

The women MPs and the AWEPA delegation signed a cooperation agreement and discussed thoroughly the needs of the women MPs concerning training and exchange of knowledge with other parliaments.

The cooperation agreement aims at formalizing the working relationship between AWEPA and SOWPA and provides a springboard for intensive cooperation in the future.

The women MPs expressed their need for more support in order to enhance their position within the Parliament and to effectively carry out their main legislative, oversight, representative roles.

Furthermore, the women MPs emphasized that the main priority now is to make sure that more women are included in the new government to be formed.

During the visit, the Secretary General Buh joined the meetings and reiterated the need to support Somali women MPs in their work.  AWEPA will continue to support women MPs in their work and further consultations will be held to ensure that the programme activities respond to the needs of the women, while focusing on creating a broad network for SOWPA to connect with other caucuses and with women in civil society organisations.


The AWEPA delegation also met with the Honarable Speaker of the House of the People, Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari, to discuss the current political situation in Somalia and the priorities for the House in 2015.