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It’s only when you have a critical mass of women in politics that you get women’s issues attacked.- Mary Robinson

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AWEPA at latest Global Partnership Steering Committee meeting

10-11 October 2013

Global partnership

Washington D.C., United States – AWEPA Director of Research and Evaluation, Dr. Jeff Balch, participated with the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in the fourth Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation Steering Committee meeting representing  parliamentary stakeholders. The Partnership, created in 2011, engages with a range of global policy processes in the lead up to the post-2015 development agenda. Specifically, the meeting convened with the intention to forge an agreement on an inspirational political vision for its contribution to the post-2015 development agenda. Additionally, the participants met to identify concrete and deliverable goals to be achieved before the High-Level Meeting.

The First Global Partnership High-Level Meeting is now set for 15 to 16 of April in Mexico with on 14 April a Parliamentary Forum planned to be organised by the Mexican Parliament, IPU and AWEPA. AWEPA therefore calls on all European parliamentarians to take action by requesting that your Ministers include at least one Member of Parliament in your country’s delegation to the HLF meeting. It is imperative that donor country MPs take a stand on issues related to aid effectiveness in order to assure the democratic oversight of the use and distribution of these funds.

Since 2008, AWEPA has been engaging parliamentarians on both ends of the aid equation as a means to contribute to the process of building an inclusive new aid architecture. Among other goals, AWEPA works to increase government accountability to its parliament and citizens on the use of Official Development Assistance (ODA) and development resources in general in Africa. Its programme on Aid Effectiveness facilitated a major breakthrough when a Parliamentary Forum was organised on the eve of the Fourth High Level Forum (HLF4) on Aid Effectiveness to formulate a clear parliamentary message to be delivered to participants of the HLF4, held in Busan, Korea, in 2011. Furthermore, AWEPA and IPU also attended the previous Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation steering committee meeting in Bali, on 23-24 March 2013.