AWEPA’s Governing Council meeting

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AWEPA’s Governing Council meeting

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Brussels, Belgium – Friday 13th December 2013 a meeting of AWEPA’s Governing Council was hosted in the Belgian Senate. After some discussion about finances and the importance of transparency the meeting approved the Annual and Financial Reports for 2012.

Updates were given from some AWEPA programmes and from the different Sections as well as quite some time being spent looking ahead to 2014. As was discussed in the Executive Committee, the idea of holding a 30 year anniversary celebratory event during the first weekend of October was opened up further. As both the Pan African Parliament (PAP) and Ms. Graca Machel were interested in the theme of migration an external speaker – Dr. Sarah Demart, Research Fellow FRS-FNRS, Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies (CEDEM) at the University of Liege. Belgium (see speech) – was invited to brief the meeting on the subject. The meeting considered other important current themes such as the post 2015 Millennium Development Goals agenda, structural dynamics of poverty and hunger, sustainable development and sustainable democracy. After some discussion the meeting decided to combine democracy, migration and sustainable development, with migration as the main topic.

Alongside this event there will be a meeting of the AWEPA Executive Committee and the Governing Council. During this Governing Council meeting elections will be held for AWEPA’s President and Executive Committee. The elections will be prepared by an Election Coordination Committee chaired by Minister Brendan Howlin. They are tasked with preparing the elections for 2014 and their second task is to make suggestions on procedures for 2019.

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