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AWEPA-Somalia’s May 2017 Committee on Rules of Procedure, Ethics, Privileges and Immunity

June 13, 2017

committee rules

The five-day workshop was organized by AWEPA-Somalia between 13th and 18th of May 2017 at Grand Imperial Hotel Kampala. The delegation which was led by the 2nd Deputy Speaker Rt. Hon. Mahad Abdalla Awad included 18 Members of Parliament, 3 Secretariat Staff led by the Secretary General and 3 Staff of AWEPA-Somalia.  The activity was the first one organized by AWEPA-Somalia for Members of Parliament under the 3-year capacity building program of support to the Legislative Sector in Somalia funded by the European Union. Its objective was to review the draft Rules of Procedure and the Code of Conduct of the House of the People which had been drafted by AWEPA expert. Following 5 days of interactive discussions, 89 Articles of the rules of Procedure were amended and the process of drafting or re-drafting of the agreed amended Articles of the Rules of Procedure is ongoing.