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Strengthening SADC Parliamentary Engagement in the Budget Cycle Programme kicks off

March 2016

Gardens of the Namibian Parliament

Gardens of the Namibian Parliament

Cape Town, South Africa – AWEPA’s new programme, Strengthening SADC Parliamentary Engagement in the Budget Cycle, funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), started a data collection process in the Namibian Parliament in March 2016.

The February Research Coordination Meeting resulted in strong support from the parliaments involved, as well as the academics and practitioners present. All role players felt motivated to begin the research process that characterised the next step of the project.

The astute findings from this meeting provided further momentum as the AWEPA Cape Town team began its work in the Namibian Parliament in March: AWEPA received a warm welcome from the Namibian Parliament, and achieved positive outcomes for the initial phase throughout the data collection process.

It is expected that this information will ultimately feed into a comprehensive analysis of the Namibian Parliament’s engagement in the budget process, and the development of a country analysis profile highlighting the distinguishing factors of this engagement.

The next stage of the data collection process will involve other parliamentary partners, including Lesotho and Zimbabwe and will commence in May and July respectively.

The programme aims to support parliaments in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in their reflection on their engagement in budget process through the provision of independent, comparative, information on developments currently underway in other parliaments in the SADC region.