The EU Parliament and EALA strengthen relations

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The EU Parliament and EALA strengthen relations

AWEPA Newsletter

Brussels, Belgium – On 8 October 2014, a delegation of East African Legislative Assembly legislators arrived in Brussels for a five-day benchmarking visit, supported by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and AWEPA.

EALA met and exchanged ideas with parliamentarians and key officials of the European Parliament and the European Commission. The delegation headed by the EALA Speaker, Rt. Hon Margaret Nantongo Zziwa, consisted of members of the commission, chairpersons of the committees of EALA and key parliamentary staff.  The Speaker termed the visit fundamental as EALA makes its contribution to strengthening the regional integration process.


“The objectives of the benchmarking visit were noble. As you are aware, both the European Parliament and EALA share some unique attributes in terms of similarities and differences. Only the EU Parliament and EALA have legislative powers that supercede national laws. The visit thus enabled us to learn and to be better informed about the EU Parliament as well as sharing of experiences”- Rt. Hon. Zziwa.

The legislators visited the Parliamentarium in order to learn more about the institutions of the EU and to apprise themselves of the journey of European integration and the impact it has on the lives of the people.

Other areas of interest covered during the five-day tour included budgeting and financing of the European Parliament, relationships between the Parliament and national parliaments, relationships between the EU Commission and the Parliament and how parliamentary democracy works.