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Burundian MPs visit the country’s natural endowment

27 October - 9 November 2014

Burundian countryside in 2009.

Burundian countryside in 2009.

Members of Burundi’s National Assembly, more specifically the Members of the Standing committee on Agriculture, stock-farming, environment and rural development, are currently undertaking a four-day field visit to gain knowledge on Burundi’s current environmental situation. Parliamentarians already found themselves in Kabarore, in the Kayanza Province of northern Burundi, in order to visit the mines sites where columbite–tantalite and cassiterite are extracted, creating a lunar landscape.

Visits at the National forest reserve of Vyanda, the Ruvubu National park, the nature reserve of Kigwena and the Tanganyika lake shore which was drastically hit by the heaviest rains in a decade, are among their plans. A stopover at the Muyinga and Cibitoke mine sites as well as at the Rukoko and Ruvubu nature reserves is also scheduled.

After the field visit, parliamentarians will elaborate a detailed overview of the visited locations which they will report, coupled with recommendations to the Government, to the Plenary at the National Assembly.

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