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Burundian parliamentarians brainstorm on land policy as population rates soar

21 August 2013

Photo de famille des participants à la journée parlementaire du 20 août 2013

Bujumbura, 21 August 2013 – Burundian parliamentarians met on 20 August, in Bujumbura, to discuss the problematic loss of arable land under the pressure of the current high population growth. Parliamentarians reported serious structural limitations placed on the agricultural sector by the small size and fragmentation of holdings, which are generally made up of several plots of land, often lying far apart. Such structural limitations, combined with high population growth, are also entailing a decrease in pastures in Burundi.

At the community level, these challenges translate into land disputes and quarreling over family inheritance. The national Commission in charge of solving conflicts related to land ownership recorded 16.354 conflicts between July 2007 and July 2010. This means an average of 5.451 conflicts per year.

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