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Capacity Building in South Sudan: Training for Legislative Councillors of Maridi and Ibba Counties

20-25 May 2016

Councillors of Maridi during the recent training resized

Since the beginning of 2016, AWEPA has organised several training workshops in the framework of its “South Sudan National Legislative Assembly (SSNLA) and Local Councillors” programme.

Most recently, AWEPA conducted a five day training workshop on “Legislation in the Local Councils of South Sudan”, which targeted Legislative Councilors of Maridi and Ibba Counties. The workshop was held in the town of Maridi on 20-25 May 2016.

This event, which was the last training workshop for the Legislative Councillors of these counties, brought together a total of 75 Councillors with the objective of imparting the knowledge and skills they require to enact bylaws in their respective counties.

Hon. Podi Michael, Minister for Local Government and Law Enforcement of Maridi State, conducted the official opening of the training workshop. He thanked AWEPA for its work and encouraged participants to make the most of the training, which would help them in their roles as County Councillors.

Hon. Africano Mande, Governor of the Maridi State.

Hon. Africano Mande, Governor of the Maridi State.

The closing ceremony was officiated by Hon. Africano Mande, Governor of the Maridi State. While thanking AWEPA for its ongoing support to the Councils of his state, Hon. Mande, also urged the organisation and other development partners to carry out capacity training not only for the Legislative Councils but also for members of the Executive Council.

The Governor put forward plans to organise an interface with the Councillors of the two counties to get to know them better and introduce to them the policies of his state government. He also promised to ensure that the councils get all the support that they need to perform their function effectively and efficiently.

AWEPA will also conduct capacity building trainings for Councilors of Mundri East County and Mundri West County on Conflict Sensitivity and Awareness and Legislation in the Local Councils of South Sudan. These workshops are due to take place in June 2016.