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A Certificate in Legislative Drafting – Message of Appreciation to AWEPA

May 2, 2017


The following parliamentary staff officers from the Kenyan National Assembly were nominated to attend the training, hosted by the International Law Institute – African Centre for Legal Excellence (ILI-CLE), and sponsored by AWEPA, from 7 to 13th April in Kampala, Uganda:

  1. Mr. Rana Tiampati – Principal Clerk Assistant
  2. Ms. Susan Maritim – First Clerk Assistant
  3. Mr. Samuel Kalama – First Clerk Assistant
  4. Mr. Mainah Wanjiku – Second Clerk Assistant

The topics covered included: Definition and Sources of Legislation, Function of Legislation, Policy for Legislation, Research Prior to Drafting, Drafting a Legislative Sentence, Drafting Instructions, Legislative Syntax, Legislative Style, Interpretation of Statutes, Role of Parliamentary Counsel and Amendment of Legislation.

All topics covered are relevant in enhancing the capacity of the officers who often handle drafting tasks such as drafting of Motions, preparing Votes and Proceedings especially, Committee of the Whole House, and most importantly, understanding the drafting process, right from the policy level until Assent.

The training included interactive sessions, whereby participants were given drafting exercises to test their understanding of various topics.

Following successful completion of the training programme, all the participants were awarded Certificates in Legislative Drafting.

AWEPA and the Clerk of the National Assembly have been thanked for their efforts to make it possible for the participants to undertake this important training. This particular course was relevant, timely and will go a long way in enhancing the legislative capacity of the National Assembly. 

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