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Decentralised Activities on FGM/C, Kolda and Ziguinchor, Senegal, 23-27 March 2017

April 4, 2017


As part of the activities adapted to local realities and selected by local actors, AWEPA and the National Assembly of Senegal organised one ‘caravane’ and two public forums in the regions of Kolda and Ziguinchor from 23-27 March 2017. Presentations were given during which real images showed the dramatic consequences of FGM/C. These presentations lead to an emotional reaction from the participants who were “positively shocked”. They appreciated that these images were shown, as they were not aware of the fact that the practice of FGM/C could cause such a damage.
Besides, as an innovative activity a traditional wrestling ceremony was organised in Zigunichor with a real battle flag and an ox as trophy and lunch for the wrestlers. Four localities each presented three wrestlers. The competition was joyful and the messages of abandonment of FGM / C were adequate. The President of the Health Committee of the Senegalese National Assembly, experts and participants gave short messages which focuses on emphasizing the need to abandon FGM/C.  “Stop excision,” chanted the wrestlers and the public. Local songs and dances surrounded the ceremony. This traditional activity (“le
bœuf de l’abandon de l’excision”) will be organised consequently in several villages. A second edition is proposed for 2018.

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