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To combat prejudices and painful memories we need to do more with Parliamentarians.- His Excellency Mohamed A. Sahnoun

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Democracies must grow: A unique interview with NIMD, WO=MEN and AWEPA

December 23, 2014

Vice Versa

Can you create a democracy or should it emerge organically?

Vice Versa asked five questions to three Dutch directors of international organizations, working to promote democracy in developing countries.

Read  below (in Dutch) the unique interview of  Mr. Hans Bruning, Director of the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD), Ms. Elisabeth van der Steenhoven, ‎Director WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform and Mr. Theo Kralt, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of AWEPA.

“Despite all losses in the fight for democracy, everyone says: it was worth it. “