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Addressing gender inequality among politicians in Limpopo

22-23 August 2013

Participants at a Workshop as part of AWEPA's support to Provincial Legislatures in South Africa

Limpopo, South Africa – The Limpopo Provincial Legislature hosted a workshop for the Speakers at District and Municipal level with the theme, “Women in Leadership and Politics”. The overall focus of the workshop was to create awareness of the norms and practices that reflect and reinforce gender inequalities in political leadership.
Supported by AWEPA, the workshop was organised in the framework of the ongoing partnership between AWEPA and the provincial legislatures in South Africa. One of the objectives of the programme is to share experiences between the provincial legislatures and the local level of government.

The workshop aimed at helping participants clarify issues of gender bias, discrimination and inequality in leadership and politics, and identify strategies for addressing these imbalances and injustices in their capacity as leaders. Furthermore, the workshop assisted participants to develop knowledge for enabling successful navigation of leadership especially by women.
The workshop was facilitated by Prof. Jane Rarieya, of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). Attendees included Speaker of Provincial Legislature, Hon. K. E. Nong and Hon. Deputy Speaker Matshoge.
In the evaluation process, participants affirmed their appreciation for the workshop, and stressed the need for more opportunities where both male and female politicians can discuss the issue of gender inequality in the society.