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The Chair of the Dutch AWEPA Section, Marit Maij, interacts with AWEPA staff in Amsterdam

10 March 2014

Marit Maij visits the AWEPA Headquarters in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Hon. Marit Maij, Member of the Dutch House of Representatives and Chair of the Dutch AWEPA Section, and AWEPA staff had the opportunity to exchange information on programmes and work priorities and views on topical issues related to Europe and Africa.

Marit Maij has recently been appointed Chair of the Dutch AWEPA Section. She is a Member of the Dutch Parliament since 2012. Previously, and for several years, she was a diplomat. As part of her career at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she dealt with a number of critical issues related to the African continent, such as humanitarian aid and migration. In her current role as an MP, Ms. Maij holds the portfolio of Europe, Asylum and Migration.

A briefing was provided to Ms. Maij on various AWEPA programmes, in particular the parliamentary capacity building programmes in Somalia, South Sudan, Mozambique and Zimbabwe as well as the cooperation with FUSP, NIMD and Plan, which are supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In a short interview towards the end of her visit, Ms. Maij noted that the relationship between Africa and Europe is changing into a more equal relationship, also in terms of development cooperation. We can learn from each other, she mentioned. For example we can learn from each other in achieving an equal or comparable number of women in Parliament. In this regard, Ms. Maij deems the work of AWEPA important and she hopes that this continues to be one of the spearheads of the policy of AWEPA.