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African-European Parliamentary Dialogue on Migration and Development

AWEPA Newsletter

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Managing migration and mobility poses challenges and opportunities for development. AWEPA is currently mandated to facilitate an African-European Parliamentary Dialogue on migration and development. The core of the Dialogue will take place on Friday 3 October 2014, in Midrand (South Africa), and will be hosted by one of AWEPA’s main partners, the Pan-African Parliament (PAP).

Specifically, the dialogue will focus on the role of parliamentarians in the design of policies that can harness the development potential of migration and how they can contribute to a constructive dialogue towards this end. Both the issues of intra-African migration and migration between Africa and Europe will be addressed. In the year of AWEPA’s 30th anniversary, other events scheduled around the Dialogue will provide an opportunity to take stock of past experience, discuss emerging issues, and plan for the decade ahead with partners, members, donors and other stakeholders.

In this context, AWEPA has paid close attention to the discussions and decisions of the 4th Africa-EU Summit, held earlier in April. Alongside from the final Declaration and roadmap which recognized the importance of tackling the social and human impacts of irregular migration, a specific Declaration on migration and mobility was adopted complemented by an action plan for the period 2014-2017. In this plan, participants commit to strengthening the nexus between migration and development. The Declaration and action plan, will inform the Parliamentary Dialogue to be held at the Pan-African Parliament. AWEPA’s partners and parliamentary sections are also taking into account these preliminary commitments while planning dialogue moments, both in Africa and Europe, that will in turn feed into and inspire the high-level parliamentary exchange planned in October.


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