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Exchange visit: Zimbabwean women parliamentarians to Parliament of Rwanda

4 March 2014

Participants including the women parliamentarians of Zimbabwe and Rwanda

Participants including the women parliamentarians of Zimbabwe and Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda – Eight members of the Parliament of Zimbabwe and three parliament clerks participated in an exchange visit to the Parliament of Rwanda, as part of AWEPA’s capacity building programme with the Zimbabwean Parliament. Participants included members of various  parliamentary committees representing the interests of women in the Parliament of Zimbabwe.

The aim of the exchange visit was to learn from the best practices regarding the advancement of women’s rights and gender equity from the Parliament of Rwanda, which currently has the highest number of women representatives in the world at 64%.

The activity included visits to relevant committees, presentations by parliamentarians, discussions on the various obtuse factors limiting the impact of women in parliament and strategies to overcome them. During the visit, members from the Parliament of Zimbabwe and Parliament of Rwanda discussed various topics including parliament’s role in empowering women and various ways to achieve gender equality.

The activity gave participants the opportunity to discuss topics they normally would have difficulty addressing, due to globally systematic patriarchal constraints. Additionally, the event provided means for African women parliamentarians to discuss ways to further empower and enfranchise the women they represent in their parliaments.