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Recommendations from the latest AWEPA EU Presidency Seminar

August 2013

Recommendations from the AWEPA EU Seminar in Dublin, June 2013

During the AWEPA EU Presidency Seminar held in June in Ireland, recommendations were drafted on the roles, responsibilities and efforts of both African and European parliamentarians in Africa’s development future. These recommendations are now available on AWEPA’s website.

Recommendations from EU Presidency seminar “Africa’s Development Future: land, hope and hunger” deem that governments and parliaments should design and implement policies to protect small farmers and pastoralist communities at the national and regional levels to ensure the protection of land rights; particularly amongst women. Whilst European countries, governments and parliaments should ensure that transparency and enforcement are applied to companies that remain involved in illegal activities. These are but a few of the recommendations that came from the seminar.


Final AWEPA Recommendations Dublin