Greek First Deputy Speaker Hon. Tragakis congratulates AWEPA

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Greek First Deputy Speaker Hon. Tragakis congratulates AWEPA

AWEPA Newsletter

Athens, Greece – Hon. Mr. Ioannis Tragakis, First Deputy Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament and Chairman of the Committee for European Affairs welcomed AWEPA’s President and Minister of State Ms. Smet in Greece and at the Hellenic Parliament. At this bilateral meeting, an opportunity was provided to share opinions on issues of common interest concerning AWEPA’s work, the relationship between Europe and Africa, and the priorities of the Hellenic Presidency on issues regarding development cooperation. The work of AWEPA is extremely demanding and important, Mr. Tragakis said, “in a continent that has long suffered tensions, conflicts and violent disturbances”.

Mr. Tragakis noted that Greece is currently engaged in enhancing the development perspective of Africa through humanitarian aid programmes, provision of food through international organisations and development aid.

Mr. Tragakis pointed out that Greece is gradually and substantially increasing its aid to the African continent, especially to Sub-Sahara Africa. According to Mr. Tragakis, Official Development Assistance (ODA) provided by Greece to Africa has substantially increased during the last decade. It is foreseen that Greece’s contribution to the European Development Fund will rise, placing the country at the thirteenth position among the member states of the European Union.