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Hon. Munyama: New Head of the Polish AWEPA Section

13 April 2016

killion 2

AWEPA is pleased to welcome Hon. Prof. Killion Munzele Munyama as the newly elected Head of the Polish AWEPA Section.

Hon. Munyama is a Member of Parliament in the Polish Sejm, where he sits on the Committee for Public Finance, additionally he is a Member of the Sub-Committee on Financial Institutions. Hailing from an academic background, Hon. Munyama is a Professor of Economy and has written numerous publications in the fields of international finance, banking and economics.

Through his work, he aims to highlight areas of cooperation between the EU and Sub-Saharan Africa and how best to strengthen such relations. His areas of special interest include international financial institutions in the world economy, European Union finances and financial development in Sub-Saharan Africa. In order to facilitate his work on African issues in the Polish Sejm, he formed the Parliamentary Group on Africa.

Following the re-establishment of the AWEPA Section on 13 April 2016, Hon. Munyuma takes over as Head of Section from Prof. Dr. Hab. Tadeusz Iwiński, who has done an excellent job in building a strong Section in the Polish Parliament.