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Introducing the new Guidelines for Parliamentarians: Abandoning Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

December 19, 2016

Photo credit: World Bank / Flickr

Photo credit: World Bank / Flickr

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – AWEPA has released the latest edition of its “Guidelines for Parliamentarians: Abandoning Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C)”, a handbook offering useful and practical advice to parliamentarians wishing to join the fight towards the abandonment FGM/C.

The revised guidelines, which are now in their third edition, have been funded by the King Baudouin Foundation and the Government of Luxembourg.

Since they were first released in 2011, the Guidelines for Parliamentarians have been instrumental for AWEPA in the organisation of capacity building seminars and workshops in Africa. By providing a detailed overview of the practice, relevant international instruments, the merits of a holistic approach and strategies for parliamentarians, the Guidelines aim to help parliamentarians put the issue of FGM/C high on the political agenda and accelerate the abandonment of the practice in their respective countries.

AWEPA is looking forward to continuing to stand alongside parliamentarians in their struggle to end this violation of human rights. AWEPA is convinced that FGM/C can be ended within one generation, and the work of parliaments is vital in making this happen.

Read the Guidelines:

Also available in French here.