The Italian Section of AWEPA is newly constituted

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The Italian Section of AWEPA is newly constituted

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Rome, Italy – The AWEPA Section in the Italian Parliament has been formally reconstituted, with Hon. Lia Quartapelle as its new Head of Section.

Hon. Quartapelle is a Member of the Italian Parliament since 2013 and a member and secretary of the Foreign Affairs Committee. As a researcher at the Institute for International Policy Studies in Milan, she specialised in development economics, foreign aid and African economic development and international relations.

On the occasion of her appointment, Hon. Quartapelle affirmed that “the relationship between Europe and Africa has always been a historical one. […] Italy, in particular, plays a pivotal role in uniting Europe and Africa. I believe that parliaments can significantly strengthen diplomatic ties between the two continents.”

In addition, the Section appointed two Deputy Heads, namely Mr. Jean Leonard Touadi (former Member of Parliament and AWEPA member) and Hon. Manlio Di Stefano (Member of the Chamber of Deputies). Furthermore, a Treasurer, Hon. Emma Fattorini (Member of the Senate) and a Secretary, Hon. Mario Marazziti (Member of the Chamber of Deputies) were appointed.

The main priorities of the Section over the coming period will be twofold, namely:

  • to provide support to the capacity building of the Somali Parliament; and
  • to address the topics of food and nutrition in relation to Italy’s Expo Milano 2015, a non-commercial universal exposition around the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.