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Burundian Parliamentarians consider fiscal and environmental issues in light of of the new law on mining

20 June 2013

Les parlementaires burundais s’engagent dans la lutte contre l’exploitation illégale des ressources naturelles 3

Bujumbura, Burundi.  More than 60 parliamentarians and public officials gathered at a workshop organised by the Burundian Parliament with AWEPA’s financial and technical support, to exchange information and reflect on the management of natural resources in Burundi.

AWEPA played a significant role in raising awareness among parliamentarians in view of the bill which is set to be voted upon about a new mining code. During the workshop, Burundian parliamentarians agreed upon the necessity of being transparent when it comes to small scale, artisanal mining.  At the end of the workshop they adopted strategies that would improve profitability of mines, and consequently, benefit of the population.  Related to the fiscal implications of mining, Parliamentarians expressed their concern with profit analysis. The following valuable conclusions arose: assurance that the mining profit that accrue, are dispersed among the local population and municipalities; mines must be obligated to respect the environment; labour conditions must follow protocol, and preserve workers’ health and security.

Illegal exploitation of natural resources in Burundi

MPs and Senators in Burundi closely follow the opening speech delivered by Hon. François Kabura, Second Speaker of the National Assembly (Photo: Burundi AWEPA)

Illegal exploitation of natural resources in Burundi

Experts explain the parliamentary fight against the illegal exploitation of natural resources (Photo: Burundi AWEPA)