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A meeting for AWEPA members and ambassadors in the European Parliament

21 June 2016

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Brussels, Belgium – The AWEPA Section in the European Parliament hosted a reception on 21 June 2016, which brought together AWEPA members and a number of ambassadors based in Brussels.

MEP Hon. Bodil Valero, Head of the Section, welcomed the invitees and explained the functioning of the Section and its parliamentary activities.

Subsequently AWEPA’s President, Minister of State Ms. Miet Smet briefed the audience about AWEPA’s organisational structure, mission and work to build the capacities of parliaments and parliamentarians in Africa.

An insight into AWEPA’s bilateral programmes was provided by Mr. Johan van Hecke, Political Coordinator of the AWEPA Programmes in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.

In the framework of AWEPA’s programmes with the Parliaments of Uganda and Kenya, Mr. van Hecke mentioned the Strategic Partnership programme on Lobby and Advocacy which AWEPA implements in cooperation with the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) and Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr. van Hecke emphasised that AWEPA never imposes any programme or project on its partners, but rather builds a partnership whereby AWEPA asks about the needs and interests of the African parliament concerned.

Responses by the audience were provided by H.E. Mirjam Blaak Sow, Benelux Ambassador of the Republic of Uganda, and Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan H.E. Mr. Mutrif Siddiq Ali Nimmery.

The Head of AWEPA’s Flemish Section, Hon. Johan Verstreken, and the Head of the Belgian AWEPA SectionMs. Magda de Meyer,  also took part in the event.

The event provided an opportunity for exchange, dialogue and cooperation between AWEPA members and the ambassadors present.

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