AWEPA’s Executive Committee Meeting

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AWEPA’s Executive Committee Meeting

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands – On Sunday 8th December 2013 AWEPA’s Executive Committee met in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A number of issues were discussed along with financial updates and considerations on transparency and insurances. The agenda for the AWEPA Governing Council due to take place the following Friday in Brussels was discussed, including reporting updates that would be made.

Next year being the year where elections are held for AWEPA’s 2015-2019 President and Executive Committee the meeting discussed procedures and looked at the 2009 by-law on elections. They considered the needs for this important event, the Governing Council being the body that make the policy decisions and will elect the executive during their 2014 meeting
Another important issue on the agenda was the fact that in 2014 AWEPA will be celebrating its 30 year anniversary. An activity will be held in partnership with the Pan African Parliament (PAP). The President of PAP suggested the theme of migration both within the African continent and between Africa and Europe. The first week of December AWEPA’s President met with the chair of AWEPA’s Eminent Advisory Board, Ms. Graca Machel who was encouraged by the possible theme of migration for the event whilst realising it isn’t an easy topic. She would like to work with us towards the conference, speak at it, and be involved in producing a publication out from the event.

A new and important step for AWEPA is the move toward the Mozambique office becoming a national NGO with a board of Mozambique nationals. Towards this end the Executive Committee looked at Statutes and a Protocol of Cooperation between AWEPA Mozambique and AWEPA International.