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It’s only when you have a critical mass of women in politics that you get women’s issues attacked.- Mary Robinson

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Politicians have to be defenders of democracy and transmit its values to their society

September 18, 2013

On September 15, the United Nations celebrates the International Day of Democracy. To mark this day, we asked Parliamentarians from both Europe and Africa the following question:

“What do you think the politician’s role is in strengthening the voice of the people in Africa, to establish and maintain a healthy democracy?”


round-josep-maldonado “I want to refer to the African politicians’ role to establish and maintain a healthy democracy. Very often we realize that some African countries go into a civil war situation and, therefore, political destabilization. Surely these internal conflicts have different and several origins (economic interests, ethnic strife…), but almost always if we go into these reasons, we would see a lack of democracy or a weak democracy in the country. So it is very important that the role of the political class strengthens democracy. Politicians have to be defenders of democracy and transmit its values to their society. Conflicts sometimes arise from sectors that dominate the power, but sometimes also from social sectors. If politicians work to strengthen democracy among both politicians and citizens, we will get an African continent with a strong democracy present everywhere. Therefore, AWEPA’s role is also important to train politicians about democracy values. .”

Josep Maldonado
Spanish senator in Parliamentfor Catalonia
AWEPA’s head of Spanish Section

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