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Positive outcome on EU systems audit

December 2013

Flag European Union

The EU carries out a Systems Audit on every organization which has received a number of contributions in chronological order without a tender. Consequently, in December 2012, AWEPA wasn’t surprised to receive the announcement that the EU would like to carry one out for AWEPA International in relation to the EU funded AWEPA Somalia programme.

This Systems Audit was carried out in September 2013 and was concluded during a meeting with the EU in December 2013 in Brussels. We are pleased to announce that the EU were positive about AWEPA’s systems and the meeting had a constructive nature. The EU asked AWEPA to introduce a Risk Management Register which has been done and is being implemented in the first half of 2014.

The EU extended the Bridge contract for Somalia with AWEPA which had been set for 2013 to 2014, and a new multi-annual programme for Somalia will be worked out wherein new country possibilities in the region may be considered. The AWEPA Somalia programme is in the process of being reconstructed from January 1 2014 by instating a programme coordinator for the Somalia programme in Nairobi, Kenya and Mogadishu, Somalia where AWEPA will reopen an Office.