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Presenting the SADC Parliamentary Forum Model Law on child marriage

November 17, 2016


AWEPA is delighted to present the final version of the Model Law on Eradicating Child Marriage and Protecting Children Already in Marriage, adopted by the South African Development Community (SADC) Parliamentary Forum in June 2016.

The Model Law is intended to act as a yardstick providing guidance to legislators, policymakers and other stakeholders in SADC Member States as they develop national laws to eradicate child marriages and protect children already in marriage.

It has the potential to shape how the region addresses the issue of child marriage, and will be a powerful tool for countries that are developing, reviewing or harmonising their laws relating to the practice and its impact.

Through the implementation of three parliamentary activities (a regional dialogue on child marriage in Johannesburg, a two-day national follow-up workshop on child marriage laws in Zambia  and a national workshop on Child Marriage Laws in Mozambique), AWEPA supported the development and adoption of the Model Law since this process started in 2014, in cooperation with SADC-PF, various national parliaments, as well as Plan local offices in the region.

The Model Law is also available in Portuguese and French.