Protecting Trans-boundary Natural Resources in Central Africa

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Protecting Trans-boundary Natural Resources in Central Africa

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Kisangani, the Democratic Republic of Congo – Congolese, Central African, Rwandan, Burundian, Ugandan and South-Sudanese parliamentarians gathered for a two-day Sub-regional conference on the role of legislators in protecting the regional trans-boundary natural environment. The event, organised by AWEPA in partnership with both houses of the Congolese Parliament, is framed within the efforts to prevent/resolve conflicts related to natural resources between the DRC and neighbouring states. The DRC shares nearly 10,292 km of borders with nine neighbouring countries and an ocean coastline; today, cross-border cooperation over environmental management presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the DRC. In addition, the majority of provinces in the Congo share land and/or maritime transboundary natural areas with neighbouring states, hence the need for ongoing multilateral cooperation in order to address issues faced by all parties.

To strengthen regional and multilateral cooperation, Parliamentarians resolved to form a network. The group proposed the creation of a green brigade for the protection of trans-boundary natural resources. Their recommendations, contained in the “Parliamentary Declaration of Kisangani 2013”, shall be submitted to the governments of the different states involved.

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