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Public Hearing on promoting the Customs Union and Monetary Union within the EAC region

4-12 April 2014

Arusha, Tanzania – EALA has appointed a team of 15 MPs to undertake a public hearing between 4 -12 April 2014 so as to follow up with enhancing the business climate and investment as well as trading opportunities within the East African Community (EAC). The outcome of the public hearing will facilitate the legislative action towards supporting the EAC integration agenda and enactment of the requisite pieces of legislation.

The Members will commence with a briefing session in Arusha, after which they will travel to the respective EAC Partner States. Here, they will engage in interactive discussions with various stakeholders from the relevant Committees of the national parliaments as well as citizens, the private sector, EAC ministries and other relevant government agencies.

The outcome will be a report and list of recommendations which will inform the EAC action plan that is expected to result into proposals for a number of Bills including, among others, the EAC Electronic Transactions Bill, the EAC Eliminations of Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) Bill, the EAC Single Customs Territory Bill and the EAC Central Banks Bill.