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It’s only when you have a critical mass of women in politics that you get women’s issues attacked.- Mary Robinson

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Public Hearings on the Implementation of EAC laws

17-22 March 2013

Members of the East African Community

Members of the East African Community

The responsibility for the implementation of East African Community (EAC) laws lies with the Partner States, while the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) is primarily mandated to legislate and to oversee implementation of its laws enacted. However, and despite Community laws taking precedence over similar laws in Partner States, the laws enacted by the EAC are often either not fully implemented or have remained in the statute books or gazettes without further action by the Partner States. These laws include, among others, the EAC Standardisation Quality Assurance, Metrology and Testing Act, 2006 (with the objective of ensuring standardisation of products produced or traded in the Community in order to facilitate industrial development and trade; to ensure the protection of the health and safety of society and the environment in the Community; and to establish the East African Standards Committee and the East African Accreditation Board) and the EAC Competition Act, 2006 (with the objective to promote and protect fair competition in the Community, to provide for consumer welfare, to establish the East African Community Competition Authority). Therefore, the Legal, Rules and Privileges Committee held a session of public hearings in all EAC Partner States where it established reasons and gathered information as to why these laws enacted and assented to are not implemented and/or fully operationalised. The observations, comments, challenges and corresponding recommendations were listed in a report.