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Rural development needs a policy which will enable the populations to understand and believe in the objectives set.- Prof. Albert Tevoedjre

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Reaching local populations through television and radio in Mozambique

September-December 2016

Photo: Jos Verhoogen / Flickr

Photo: Jos Verhoogen / Flickr

AWEPA has kicked off a new project in Mozambique, which raises awareness of peace and governance issues through interactive radio and television debates. The project will be implemented from September to December 2016 on both national and local levels.

Nationally, media coverage will be provided by Mozambique’s largest channel, STV. The channel will bring together MPs, members of the Provincial and Municipal Assemblies and representatives of civil society organisations to discuss the country’s most important issues relating to peace and governance, economic crises and development.

Two round table debates will be broadcast each week, and citizens will be invited to interact with the politicians through the open and free phone lines.

At local level, AWEPA will work with community radios. Political actors and civil society representatives at the local level will be selected to discuss hot topics surrounding peace  and governance as part of the radio debates.

The first activity will take place in the Maputo province with the three community radios of Magude, Xinavane and Manhiça.