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Results of Public Hearings in Benin are delivered to the population

5 March 2014


Ouidah, Benin – The results of public hearings organized by AWEPA together with the elected officials of the National Assembly of Benin in 2013, were recently reported back to citizens. When those public hearings took place, parliamentarians, citizens, and local authorities took part in dialogue regarding specific topics such water access, agriculture and public health. Mayors from the municipalities which were visited as well as the officials at the concerned ministries have been invited to participate in delivering the results of the public hearings. The aim is that of launching a monitoring plan in which parliamentarians will  be able to prepare the ministries in order for them to draft budgets that take more into account people’s demands.

The session was co-chaired by the Vice-President of the Assembly, Hon. Justin Sagui Yotto, the President of the Commission on Laws, Hon. Hélène Aholou Kêkê, and Hon. Eric Houndété, the leader of the parliamentary opposition.