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Any policy, any society based on keeping people down will be a failure.- Prof. Albert Tevoedjre

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Rethinking Development Politics and Civil Society in Dialogue (conference summary)

4 September 2013

Dr. Karl Renner Institute

Dr. Karl Renner Institute

Vienna, Austria – A conference “Rethinking Development Politics and Civil Society in Dialogue” was held at the Karl Renner Institut, the political academy of the Social Democratic Movement for experts from civil society organisations, ministries and academia to share their expertise on the Post-2015 Agenda. Hon. Petra Bayr, the head of AWEPA’s Austrian section and Senior Parliamentary Advisor for our FGM/C programme, functions as Social Democratic Party’s spokesperson for global development. Hon. Bayr is also the facilitator of Working Group 4 (human rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, people).

The goal of the conference was to increase structured dialogue between political representatives and experts, and to make a contribution to the international debate. Thanks to the commitment of  Hon. Bayr in the ECOSOC Development Cooperation Forum (UN Economic and Social Council), key outcomes will be carried forward and can be included in the Post-2015 process. The document below presents a summary of the debates, visions and goals.