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RFPAC Conference on Migration, Gender and Development

AWEPA Newsletter

Midrand, South Africa – On 1-2 October 2014, AWEPA, in association with the Network of Women Parliamentarians of Central Africa (RFPAC) organised a follow-up conference, to the 17th annual session that recently took place in N’Djamena, Chad.

Held on the occasion of AWEPA’s 30th anniversary, the conference reflected on «the role of women parliamentarians in the management of migratory flows in view of its potential positive impact on development». During this two-day meeting a common position was developed. A follow up was also conducted on the United Nations high level dialogue on international migration and development that took place in August 2013.

A video containing testimonials of women on the topic of migration, a presentation on forced migration by Dr. Jinnah Zaheera of the African Center for Migration and Society and a round table on parliamentary observations and actions were only some of the conference’s highlights.

The RFPAC conference took place just before the international seminar «Maximizing the positive impacts of migration on development: role of parliaments and necessity to establish an international dialogue», that AWEPA is organizing in cooperation with the PAP on 2-3 October 2014.

Background Info

Women represent half of 232 million international migrants, 10% of which are below the age of 15 years. Migrants face a wide range of inequalities in their home countries as well as in countries of destination, while migrant women are more frequently subject to exclusion, discrimination, poverty, exploitation, sickness as well as different types of abuses. Meanwhile, remittances by migrant women to their home countries are very significant to the local communities.

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