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Seeking active participation of Somali women in the 2016 elections

11 November 2015


Mogadishu, Somalia – On 11 November 2015, AWEPA organised a seminar for Somali women political leaders, on constitutional awareness, equal political participation and collective lobbying in Mogadishu, Somalia.

A varied group of participants was present, consisting of Parliamentarians, civil society representatives, Federal Government Ministers, members of the Somali Women Parliamentarian’s Association (SOWPA) and students.

The seminar opened with Ms. Farhia Mumin, AWEPA’s Project Officer, giving a short speech regarding the subjects to be discussed and debated during the various workshops.

During the seminar, Avv. Bashiir Haji, a lawyer with extensive experience in the relevant subjects discussed, pushed the idea of revising the constitution from a gender perspective. Another speech by Mr. Yusuf Garaad, a former presidential candidate and journalist, addressed the discrimination facing women in the government. Mr. Abdirahman Osman, former Minister of Information, shared his experiences with the gathered participants as the moderator for the Seminar. He spoke about his duties as an independent communications expert and consultant for the Federal Government of Somalia. Amongst the highlights of the seminar was the speech given by the Minister of Women & Human Rights Development, Zahra Ali Samantar, concerning the pressing need for unity in the face of opposition against women’s participation in politics. Member of Parliament, Hon. Maryan Moalim Isaaq, spoke about the current situation of women’s rights in Somalia, as well as their contribution to the society at large. She further shared her own experiences with the SOWPA caucus and their contributions to the parliament.

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