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Seminar on the Development of Humanitarian Cooperation

26 November 2011

Seminar on the Developent of the Humanitarian Cooperation

Presidency of the Council of the EU Seminar, 26 July 2011, Warsaw Solidarity with Africa, 19 March 2009, Warsaw

On 26 November 2011 in Warsaw, at the Academy of Young Diplomats, with the participation of about 500 persons, the ceremony of 7th edition’s graduation and 8th edition’s commencement took place. Several honourable personalities were present, among them: Prof. Jerzy Buzek- President of the European Parlament, Tadeusz Mazowiecki- former Prime Minister of  Poland (1989-1990) and  Dr Bernard Kouchner- Minister of Foreign Affairs of France (2007-2010).

The most important part of the ceremony was the panel discussion on „The role of  the European Union in the development and humanitarian cooperation” which was attented by Prof. Tadeusz Iwiński, the chairman of the Polish AWEPA section and vicechairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Sejm of  Poland and Dr. Kouchner (among others the founder of the „Medecins sans frontiers” organization, which was awarded in the Nobel Piece Prize in 199 for its activity).
During 2 hours seminar- type debate, the challenges and opportunities that stand before the European Union as well as its member states in providing aid worldwide were discussed. Prof. Iwiński presented, among others, the output of the seminar of the Polish Presidency of the Council of the EU Seminar entitled “African Development Cooperation Strategies towards the Millennium Development Goals- Lessons from the New EU Member States”,organized in Warsaw at the end of July 2011 jointly by the Association of European Parliamentarians with Africa (AWEPA) Executive Committee and Governing Council and both chambers (Sejm and Senate)  of the Polish Parliament.