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As more women lead their communities we hope to see fewer conflicts and more peace.- Mary Robinson

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Training Local Councillors to transform communities in South Sudan

April 2014

South Sudan Councilor training

April 2016 was an eventful month for AWEPA in South Sudan. Throughout the month, AWEPA organised several training workshops in the framework of its “South Sudan National Legislative Assembly (SSNLA) and Local Councillors” Programme. These workshops targeted a total of 175 Local Councillors from five Legislative Councils in the western part of the Greater Equatoria Region of South Sudan and covered a number of different themes.

Gender in the Local Councils of South Sudan

On 11-16 April 26, AWEPA conducted three concurrent training workshops on the topic of gender for Councillors of the Ezo County, Nagero County and Tambura County on the topic of

Public financial management and development in the Local Councils

This training workshop took place on 18-23 April 2016, and targeted Local Councillors of Ezo, Nagero and Tambura.

Legislation in the Local Councils of South Sudan.

Also on 18-23 April, Councillors of Yei County in the new Yei River State participated in training on legislation.

AWEPA also conducted training on this topic for Councillors of Lainya County in Yei River State on 25-30 April.

Ethics, integrity & human rights

This training session, also held on 25-30 April, aimed to increase awareness on ethics, integrity and human rights among Councillors of of Ezo, Nagero and Tambura.

A glance to the future

On 2-7 May 2016, AWEPA will conduct training workshops for the Councillors of Ezo, Nagero and Tambura on Legislation in the Local Councils of South Sudan. This will be followed by capacity building training for Councillors of Ibba County, Maridi County, Mundri East County and Mundri West County.

The training sessions organised by AWEPA aim to equip Local Councillors with the knowledge, tools and approaches necessary to make a positive impact on issues which affect their work and the lives of people in their local communities.