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Swedish AWEPA Section: a seminar on the empowerment of women refugees

16 June 2016


Stockholm, Sweden – In celebration of Africa Day 2016, AWEPA’s Section in the Swedish Parliament organised a seminar on the empowerment of women refugees. The seminar was held in the Parliament on 16 June 2016.

The topic of women refugees was chosen in line with the African Union’s Year of Human Rights with Particular Focus on the Rights of Women, and in solidarity with the more than 43 million people worldwide who are now forcibly displaced as a result of conflict and persecution.

The two-hour seminar was a change for fruitful discussion on the women and children who find themselves in this situation, either left behind when men are forced to leave or faced with the perils of crossing the desert or the Mediterranean.

Representatives of Doctors without Borders and the Sida Humanitarian Desk attended the seminar, and shared their insights into the rights of women refugees in Africa. Other attendees included African ambassadors based in Stockholm, members of the Swedish AWEPA Section and other parliamentarians.

The seminar provided an opportunity for these participants to get to know each other, to exchange views and experiences, and to strengthen their links and cooperation.