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In a society where the rights and potential of women are constrained, no man can be truly free.- Mary Robinson

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Support to the PAP’s initiative to assess parliamentary performance and adherence to the principles of good governance

11-12 December 2014

Group photo during the PAP Pre-testing mission in Nigeria.

Group photo during the PAP Pre-testing mission in Nigeria.

Arusha, Tanzania – A Validation Workshop of the Questionnaire, with which the Pan African Parliament (PAP) is to assess the institutional capacities of the Pan African, Regional and National Parliaments to adopt, adapt and implement the core objectives and tenets of the African Charter on Values and Principles of Public Service and Administration, took place from 11-12 December 2014.

The primary objective of the validation workshop was to refine and validate/finalize the Capacity Assessment Questionnaire, including the establishment of basic ethical guidelines for its implementation. This included a review of the language, structure and content of the questionnaire for relevance in various regions/contexts. In addition, the validation workshop established basic principles for implementation of the capacity assessment methodology as a whole, including guidelines for the Questionnaire, ethical considerations, principles to ensure quality and neutrality of data, etc.

Participants reviewed the outcome document emanating from a Pre-testing exercise, which took place in November and provided confirmatory feedback and input for suggested modifications for final adoption. Key topics presented and discussed were, among others, the following:

·         Democratic Governance

·         Legislative Oversight: (Ex-Ante and Ex-Post)

·         Representational Functions

·         Code of Conduct for Public Service Agents

·         Management and development of Human Resources

Preliminary discussions were held on possible ways to roll-out of this methodology among national, regional Parliaments and the PAP in 2015.

The Validation Workshop consisted in a two-day brainstorming session in which each section and question of the capacity assessment questionnaire were discussed and refined.