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In a society where the rights and potential of women are constrained, no man can be truly free.- Mary Robinson

Membre du Comité consultatif Eminent de l'AWEPA

“Women in Leadership” Seminar held in Kirinyaga County, Kenya

April 19, 2017


Last March, AWEPA organised a series of “Women in Leadership” forums. One such forum took place in Murinduku, Kirinyaga County, with the aim of educating the people on the need for women leadership. The event was hosted by Hon. Martha Karua. The AWEPA representative presented the organisation, citing that it seeks to support parliamentarians and leaders who fight for the “Two-thirds Gender Rule” cause, in this case promoting women leadership.

For a long time now, women in Kenya have been under-represented in politics, which has led to the feeling that most of the women issues are never properly addressed, nor put into as much consideration as they should. This is mainly due to the fact that there are too few representatives of this gender in parliament to present their issues.

During the discussion on the matter, one crucial point was stressed out which is the importance of choosing leaders who would seek to serve the people rather than themselves, leaders who are dedicated to doing things for the greater good of the people. Other discussion points included – 

  • The selection of leaders based on their track record as opposed to their party affiliation.
  • Enlightenment on the various roles and responsibilities of different office holders in the devolved government.
  • The need to support the youth and the women in their pursuit of leadership positions.
  • Role of the opposition in the government.
  • Listening carefully and choosing leaders wisely

It was agreed that the only way to avoid repeating these issues is by electing leaders who would work towards ensuring that their needs are met, they are well represented and their voices are heard, leaders who would be accountable to the people.

It was also agreed that it was the track record of the leader that should earn them the place in leadership, highlighting that the host’s history precedes her and she has already been of service to the county in the years she has served in different posts.

Women were also challenged to not only vie for women representative posts but also take up the challenge and vie for senatorial and gubernatorial positions.

The host and advocate, Hon. Martha Karua, stated that women can make good leaders. She also felt that the dam construction project that had stalled, the construction of roads, issuing of title deeds and distribution of land under the current local Kirinyaga Government should be prioritized to make the lives of the people easier and much better. She concluded by saying: Come forward in confidence. We as women bring forth and bring up leaders and so we are equal to the task of leadership.”

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