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As more women lead their communities we hope to see fewer conflicts and more peace.- Mary Robinson

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AWEPA currently works with some 30 parliaments across Africa, including national parliaments, continental and regional parliamentary institutions, and decentralised authorities. Together with members of these bodies, AWEPA undertakes a number of jointly-agreed institutional and thematic capacity-building programmes.

Through its institutional bilateral programmes, AWEPA aims to enhance the skills of parliamentarians to enable them to better execute their legislative, representative and oversight roles. Programmes are also carried out in post-conflict zones, where AWEPA seeks to strengthen the role of parliaments in promoting peace, reconciliation and good governance.

The thematic programmes endeavour to inform and mobilise parliamentarians through conferences, exchanges and publications, empowering them to take action on particular development issues in their country or region.

For a full list of AWEPA’s activities, please see the 2014 AWEPA Annual and Financial Report.

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