Graça Machel

Ask yourself what you can do to make a difference. And then take that action.- Graça Machel

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AWEPA logo is the exclusive property of the Association of European Parliamentarians with Africa. By using it you agree that you shall not, in any way whatsoever, register or attempt to register the trademark or challenge the same. Use of the logo is granted on the condition:

  • that it shall be purely for referential and non-commercial purposes;
  • banners bearing the name and/or logo may only be used for the purpose of linking to the AWEPA website as designated within the link, and this link should always be active;
  • the name and/or logo may not be combined with any other graphic elements; nor may they be altered in any way including size, proportions, font, design, arrangement, colours or elements; nor may they be animated, morphed or otherwise distorted in perspective or appearance.
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