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Rural development needs a policy which will enable the populations to understand and believe in the objectives set.- Prof. Albert Tevoedjre

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African Parliament websites

The following are links to the official Parliament websites of African countries. Some countries do not have working websites. In these cases we have omitted the country, or provided a link to details about the Parliaments. We have tried to be accurate and provided working links as far as possible. The last date of update was August 27, 2013.

Algerian flag
Algerian Parliament
Angolan flag
Angolan Parliament
 Benin flag
Benin Parliament
Botswana flag
Botswana Parliament
Burkina Faso flag
Burkina Faso Parliament
Burundi flag
Burundi Parliament
Cameroon flag
Cameroon Parliament
Cape Verde flag
Cape Verde Parliament
Central African Republic flag
Central African Republic
Chad flag
Chad Parliament
Comoros flag
Comoros Parliament
Democratic Republic of Congo
Democratic Republic of Congo
Republic of Congo flag
Republic of Congo
Ivory Coast flag
Cote D’Ivoire Parliament
Djibouti flag
Djibouti Parliament
Egypt flag
Egyptian Parliament
Equitorial guinea flag
Equatorial Guinea Parliament
Eritrean Parliament
Ethiopian flag
Ethiopian flag
Gabon flag
Gabon Parliament
Gambia flag
Gambian Parliament
Ghana flag
Ghana Parliament
Guinea Bissau flag
Guinea Bissau Parliament
Kenyan flag
Kenyan Parliament
Lesotho flag
Lesotho Parliament
Liberian flag
Liberian Parliament
Libya flag
Libyan Parliament
Madagascar flag
Madagascar Parliament
Malawi flag
Malawi Parliament
Mali flag
Mali Parliament 
Mauritania flag
Mauritania Parliament
Mauritius flag
Mauritius Parliament
Morocco flag
Morocco Parliament
Mozambique Parliament
Namibia flag
Namibian Parliament
Niger flag
Niger Parliament
Nigeria flag
Nigerian Parliament
Rwandan flag
Rwandan Parliament
sao tome and principe flag
Sao Tome and Principe Parliament
Senegal flag
Senegal Parliament
seychelles flag
Seychelles Parliament
Sierra Leone Flag
Sierra Leone Parliament
South Africa Flag
South Africa Parliament
South Sudan
South Sudan Parliament
Sudan flag
Sudan Parliament
Tanzania flag
Tanzanian Parliament
Togo flag
Togo Parliament
Tunisian flag
Tunisian Parliament
Ugandan flag
Ugandan Parliament
Zambian flag
Zambian Parliament
Zimbabwe flag
Zimbabwe Parliament